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Update 14.2 Release Notes

Teladi / Sep 15, 2014
The Dead Marshes

The Steward of Gondor has sent Artamir, son of Ilcamir, to the Dead Marshes on a mysterious errand. Unfriendly eyes have tracked him to that vile swamp, and your quest is to hurry him on before his presence causes great mischief to another important mission…

Did Frodo and Sam come this way? After concluding Artamir’s story, engage in a sessionplay experience to learn what befell the two hobbits as they crossed the Dead Marshes in the company of their treacherous guide…

Collection system

Track your collections of steeds, pets, even different chickens and other objects throughout all of Middle-earth!

Quests, Tasks & Deeds


Lamedon - Negotiations - If a player leaves the tavern after accepting Negotiations but before completing the instance, they can now re-enter the tavern.
Blackroot Vale - Madness Under the Mountain - The monster summoned at the end of this quest will no longer become stuck as an NPC.
Dol Amroth
Retaking Dol Amroth - Supplies from the Sea - Quest item is no longer stuck in another object.

Dol Amroth - The Corsair Croup - All players that have tapped the target can now use the Sick Corsair.



Traits - Roll the Dice now gives Melee Critical Chance rather than Tactical Damage at Rank 6


Traits - Rank 2 of Strength in Numbers now properly indicates that it adds a 2nd HoT.
Skills - Revealing Mark, Noble Mark, Telling Mark, and Shield of the Dunedain skills now share icons with the traits that grant them.


Traits - Break Ranks will now trigger off of Shield-smash instead of Shield-bash
"To the Rescue" Rank 6 should properly cause Guardian's Ward to crit
Juggernaut Buffs will no longer accidentally appear in the debuff bar
Take to Heart properly works on enemies who were previously affected by Radiate

Game Systems & Engine

Skirmish Soldiers & Traits

Players should now get appropriate errors when trying to set your class specialization while talking to a skirmish trait manager.
Players should now get appropriate tooltips/errors when interacting with Race and Virtue traits while talking to a Skirmish Trait Manager
Many of the traits for Skirmish Soldiers have been increased across all of their ranks. Soldier DPS has increased and any Ultimate skills that do damage now have a non-common damage type (as noted in the tool-tip now). Soldiers are more effective now, as most of their traits have increased.
Skirmish soldiers can now be trained up to rank 50 (increased from 45). To unlock these ranks players will need to purchase the “Skirmish Trait Max Rank: 50” item available in the store.

Items & Loot

General Items & Loot

Changed the cost for the level 65-95 IA Upgrade Legacy offers.
The level 65/75/85 Symbols of the Elder King offers by the skirmish NPC no longer require the Erebor Challenge Deed.
Knocking down more prices for bartered skirmish items. This time the Seals requirement has been removed from the Big Battle jewelry vendor.

West Fangorn - Items - Cosmetic Pet Huorns are now available for barter for 375 Fangorn Leaves each.
The Moria Geode is now a housing decoration item available from the Iron Garrison
The Essence Reclamation Scroll has been added to the loot tables as a very rare drop, as well as the loot tables used by Burglars when they pick-pocket from monsters.
Removed the chance of getting a level 100 First Age Symbol from the Tier 1 Ost Dunhoth instance.
Items: Gondorian Guardsman (Level 100) items offered by the Skirmish barter NPC now have a min-level of 100, instead of 95.

NPC's, Mobs & Combat

NPCs: A small change was made to how often NPCs play their idle emotes. Instead of a minimum delay of 3 seconds and a max delay of 7 seconds there's now a 5 second and 9 second delay, respectively. This change also affects how often player pets play their idle emotes.
The effect, Affliction through Shadow, can now be cured as a fear effect.



West Fangorn - Rewards - Quickbeam now offers Fangorn Housing items for barter
The Dead Marshes – Heroes near the level cap should speak to Dorthaneth in the Cave of the Avorrim to begin their exploration of the Dead Marshes.


The Legendary Item Services item has been updated to have a min usage level of 51. This is to resolve an issue with this item producing the intro-to-Item Advancement items for level 50 players, which have only 15 level of advancement.

Miscellaneous & Bug Fixes

The game launcher now has the option to "preload" the client_gamelogic.dat files. This functionality is enabled by default if you have 2GB+ of memory. It can be disabled in the game launcher options. (It's called: "Pre-cache gamelogic") When enabled the game should launch faster for many users.
Combat States - Immunity - Combat State Immunities will now affect roots.
Fixed a problem with examination of skills which apply effects via a hotspot, for example the Lore-master Ring of Fire skill.
Mithril Coin Confirmation Dialog (such as for instant travel to an objective) should now remember its last position across login sessions.
Monster corpses should no longer show quest rings until decay unless they have a Quest Action available.
Bags that are resized below 5 columns across will now retain their sizes between logins instead of reverting back to the default 5 columns.
Tooltips for secondaries listed in the Battles panel will no longer be cut off.
Players should no longer be able to obtain the Lamedon turtle in their inventories when working on quest “Turtles in the Depths”
Hovering over items in the wardrobe no longer shows stats for the item, since the item is there just for its cosmetic appearance.


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