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(Oct 16, 2017)
Hello! Any of you on Laurelin or are you all on Evernight?
(Feb 18, 2017)
People! I'm back to Evernight from Laurelin with my LM, RK and burg! Hope to see you soon!
(Jan 25, 2016)
Hello peeps :)
(Oct 28, 2015)
Update 17 is live! To Minas Tirith! For Frodooo!!
(Oct 24, 2015)
Whats up with you Timo? Nice to hear from you again :)
(Oct 21, 2015)
No I'm not, Geli, that's why i thought it was worthless :)
(Oct 05, 2015)
Timo ofcourse your input is worth something, you starting to play again?
(Oct 03, 2015)
me and Elder have gone to Laurelin
(Oct 03, 2015)
(Oct 03, 2015)
Stopped to say hi! My input proably isn't worth much but I'm going to Laurelin. I can't see a reason to go to EN tbh but again it's my worthless opinion.
(Oct 01, 2015)
Find my burg Mistye on Laurelin! She is lonely :(
(Oct 01, 2015)
We and Omerta are on Laurelin. Good luck Redux on EN we will miss you.
(Sep 29, 2015)
Transfer on its way! All my chars are going to Evernight, apart from Burg and Warg
(Sep 28, 2015)
I'm going to Evernight, Vaan could haul his ass online soonish :P
(Sep 28, 2015)
Gilrain is open for transfer. Are we set on which server we move to?
(Sep 18, 2015)
Seems Gilrain will be open for transfer next week. Any decision yet?
(Sep 02, 2015)
Guess its not set in stone. Evernight was just what i quickly noticed several peopel moving to.
(Sep 02, 2015)
Why Evernight? We (ROTS) are headed Laurelin way.
(Aug 28, 2015)
Or as Vaan is the leader now, its his call ;)
(Aug 28, 2015)
Hey all! Sorry for the late comments to such a big issue. I'll be moving to Evernight, gonna check how to move the kin there also. Anyone free to join up again:)